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Overnight in Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018

Have you heard it or seen? It is beautiful Leeuwarden for one year europe's capital of culture 2018! A great ambition and dream of many Frisians come true. Discover and Experience how enjoy the Frisian people of life and wants to leave a beautiful landscape for future...

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Be surprised Icoon Afsluitdijk

Discover the cultural and historical value of de Afsluitdijk The preservation of the architectural heritage and the cultural state in the renovation of the Dam indisputable and is an essential part of the plan. To excel in the cultural and historical value of the dike...

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New website Piaam State in Friesland

With great pride we show our new website. Completely updated to the latest web standard user-friendly look and feel. Piaam State has a beautifully preserved 17th century farm to stay with wonderful friends and family. Curious what we all can offer? Take a look at the...

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