Piaam has no more than fifty
residents and has a protected village appearance

The town has a church from the 12th century. The picturesque town of Piaam is situated on the old seawall between Makkum (2 km) and Workum and is part of the Zuiderzee route (300 km). Approximately 2km from the village is the fishing village Makkum. Here you can find shops, a doctor, a dentist, the famous pottery factory, a weigh building and a fishing port. The beach and the boulevard (3km) are often pleasantly busy.


The nature reserve on the other side of the dyke offers many beautiful walking trials.

Bird watchers

The IJsselmeerkust, the bird hides in Koaiwaard and the Buismans Einekoai (two natural duck berths) at Piaam is great hideouts to appreciate the birdlife. A wide colorful variety of birds can be seen: geese, ruffs, black and greenshanks, spoonbills, plovers, godwits and golden plovers. There is always the chance of a surprise or interesting observation. www.fryskegea.nl/natuurgebieden

Frisian culture

Definitely worth a visit is the friesscheepvaartmuseum.nl shipping museum in Sneek or modelspoormuseum.nl lnational railway Sneek. Within 20 km you’ll find the Museum of Church Art and the Jopie Huisman Museum www.kerkelijkekunst.workum.nl www.jopiehuismanmuseum.nl

Historical cities and towns

Makkum was known as the ‘Gate to the South Sea’ in the middle ages. This was due to Makkum’s 2 floodgates, property of the nearby monastery. This also allowed Makkum to develop into an important trade center with a strategic location. One can still see remnants of this rich history when hiking through Makkum. Makkum has an urban structure dating from the 17th century. There are beautiful merchant’s houses and houses with beautiful facades and impressive ornaments, especially at the floodgates. Bolsward, Sneek, Leeuwarden, Hindeloopen, Lemmer, Harlingen and Franeker are Frisian cities which are all definitely worth a visit. All of these can be reached from Piaam within 20 minutes per car.

Interesting places

Planetarium in Franeker

Water sports enthusiasts

Piaam State is located close to the IJsselmeer where you can surf, sail, swim and even fish. Makkum’s pleasant beach with boulevard is also a must. You can also find barges in Makkum. Stichting It Preamke also organizes nostalgic cruises by barge via the shipping routes with the objective of promoting nature, culture, history, art and recreation. www.preamke.nl www.northwestkiteboarding.com


Beautyresort Leliehof in Makkum

Enjoy a day of relaxing sightseeing in this extensive sauna complex.


You are more than welcome at the golfing range Buitenplaats It Fliet in Witmarsum (10km). You do not need a GVB to play here. After a quick instruction anyone can be introduced to the fascinating world of golfing. Special arrangements can be made for groups. We will gladly inform you of the options.

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